Best Place to Travel in September Before the Winter Sun!

September is a perfect time to have a fun time with your partner as the vacation crowd winds down. Here are some cute places to visit this month.

Montreal Canada

Catch the last moments of summer in Montreal in September. It is the best time of the year as you get hotels and tours at affordable prices without much of a crowd.

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is busiest during the summer months. Therefore, September is the perfect time to visit the city without packing your jackets along.


When it’s Prague, time and weather does matter. But crowds do! Enjoy sweet travel spots that are vacant during the entire September season. Also, don’t forget to visit the Charles Bridge.

Taos New Mexico

Enjoy sunny mornings and chilly evenings in Taos during September. Also, if you visit there this season, you will get to explore the county's natural beauty.

Tbilisi Georgia

If you love art and architecture, September is the perfect time for you to explore Georgia’s capital state. It is an ancient city packed with surreal history and tourist attractions.


September might not be a holiday season, but you can plan your mini vacay with a tour guide in this last enjoyable month before the winter sun. Head to for prior bookings.