Best place to see northern lights - Spots that no one knows!

Northern lights or polar lights are rare natural light display that happens in a few regions at certain times of the year. Swipe next to know where to watch it.

Tromso Norway

Tromso Norway is known for its location to see the northern lights. It shows excellent views from September till next year April. If you plan to visit, get your bookings done this month.

Swedish Lapland

Located in northernmost Sweden, Lapland is known for its beautiful frozen lakes and mesmerizing view of the northern lights. Visit between September and March to see the northern lights.

Fairbanks Alaska

Witnessing the northern lights can be surreal yet overwhelming. Fairbanks in Alaska resides beneath the string of aurora activity that happens from August to April.


The northern lights show up in Finland for 200 nights each year. You can witness the beautiful sight from a romantic glass igloo of the beautiful resorts near the Arctic Circle.


Indeed, Greenland has the best odds of viewing the northern lights from closer. You can book a 3 to 4 nights stay anytime from September to April to view the milky-green lights.


The best way to plan a trip to view the northern lights is by booking a complete tour with a tour guide so you can get the best resorts that show the aurora activity from closer.