12 Best Food For Hair Growth  Faster & Thickness

While there are many methods to grow longer hair, eating these foods is one of them. Join on as we discover those helping your hair nurture.


The intake of Avocados in your morning breakfast or short-break smoothies provides your body with omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B, and E that regulate your hair growth and incur results faster.

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Your hair needs essential nutrients and vitamins, including but not limited to biotin, zinc, and iron. These minerals add to the strength of keratin, further forming hair, nails, and skin.

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Known for its ability to swim upstream, you can predict why we have listed salmon as the best food for hair growth. It combines proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids, needed most by your hair.

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The meat can be either buffalos, lambs, or cows. It will fulfill the deficiency of bioavailable iron, Biotin, B Complex, fatty acids, and Vitamin A and C while strengthening your hair.

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Red Meat


A juicy fruit makes the day even juicier, and that’s like guava. It keeps your hair from breaking by feeding the hair follicles and your body with Vitamin C, accelerating the growth process.

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Eating spinach sounds a sensible choice for hair-growing enthusiasts, given its richness in Vitamin A, C, folate, plus iron, etc. But beware, its excessive consumption might lead to hair loss.

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Sweet potatoes, filled with beta carotene, account for the healthy maintenance of hair follicles and scalp, growing thick, voluminous, strong, and longer hair relatively faster.

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Sweet Potatoes


A single cup of papaya is packed with 87 gms of Vitamin C. It also contains a high amount of carotenoids and fiber, resulting in a healthy scalp and ultimately faster hair growth.

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An easily available source of vitamin B5, greek yogurt ensures the optimal flow of blood to your scalp, and while adding to the hair growth, prevents their loss and keeps them healthy.

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Greek Yogurt


Eggs are one of the best sources of proteins, and since proteins form our hair, we must not lack them in our body, which is enough reasoning for the intake of eggs.

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All types of nuts and seeds are vital for the growth and development of hair, for they consist of essential amino acids that support your hair for its thickness, retention, and shine.

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Eating chicken provides your body with Vitamin B, niacin, and biotin, to be specific—some of the most demanded vitamins for the hair to grow by an awe-inspiring means.

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We have jotted down  the most common and simply available foods that support your hair growth and accelerate the process. The best guidance still lies with your dietitian though.

The Takeaway