best diet to lose weight & gain muscle

6 Best diet to lose weight & gain muscle

You know that you just can’t eat everything in sight if you are on a full-body workout. That means you have to be extra vigilant about your food intake. No, we are not planning to put you on a Keto diet, so relax. We are just trying to save your $50 – $70 dietitian consultation fee that otherwise you could spend on buying gym equipment for workouts at home. So below are the best foods to eat to lose weight and gain muscle.

Raw form of dairy


Mix and combination of carbohydrates, and proteins come from Raw dairy – (Milk). In case you need a soft form of dairy food, you should consider yogurt, cheese, and butter, which contain high proteins, calcium, and vitamins that help you lean up muscles and lose fat as well as in bone protection. Increasing probiotic intake can power your bones and help you stay healthy. If you need a healthy side snack, you may use Greek yogurt, which has double the amount of protein as normal yogurt and helps in muscle recovery and healthy body composition.

A good diet for weight loss and muscle gain includes eggs, for sure, as they are rich in protein and vitamin B, which can help develop fullness. While eating eggs, your metabolic weight shall rise to 8 hours, and this can provide you with enough energy to gain muscle and shed fat simultaneously. Taking eggs in breakfast resist your fat from increasing, and it is the best meal for weight loss and muscle gain.



Meat – Beef, Mutton leans Or Chicken breast


The meat is rich in minerals and proteins and it is an excellent source for maximizing stamina while doing exercise. Through meat, you get Vitamin B6, which cuts the visibility of fat. Do you know the best thing about having beef in your diet? It begins inflammation in the body and reduces body fat, which ultimately gives you glowing skin.


Seafood – Tuna Fish, Salmon & Tilapia


Fish helps you reach your weight loss goal – provided you select the right type. Most fish are less in calories and high in protein, so taking fish cannot surely decrease weight. However, integrating nutrient-dense fish into your balanced diet can help you gain enough calories required to re-composite your body. Salmon first contains omega-3, which reduces hair fall and bone deficiency. If you are concerned about the taste, know that it is more flavored than farmed vegetables. During exercise programs, Omega-3 plays an important role in muscle gain.


Brown Rice


Brown rice is another good source of minerals and proteins like whey, and more importantly, it is the primary source of carbs for those on a proper workout regime.


Nuts Like Peanuts & Almond


Nuts have a good number of calories and are a great source of nutrients. They are filled with antioxidants that help a person lose weight. Apart from weight loss, your body gets inflammation which is best for your skin. Not just that, taking fiber in a good quantity may protect the body against the risk of heart attacks.