The restrictions on traveling have been practiced internationally since the coronavirus pandemic worsened. The vice president of FIFA believes that the football players might not get to play till 2021.

The FIFA group working to come up with ideas to cope with the circumstances, its outcomes and, how it’s going to impact the future of football is being headed by Victor Montagliani who is a Canadian.

The international FIFA matches that were to be played in March and June have already been delayed.

The vice president of FIFA thinks that the matches that were to be played on the national level in rest of the year could also get delayed.

National level football tournaments are the priority of the management right now, but they are not sure if they can carry all out in the field considering the situation right now.

It is posing to be a challenge because of the health issues, the extent to which they are prepared due to the lack of practice, and also adjusting to international travel once things will open up.

According to the vice president of FIFA, the presence of the audience in the football games is subject to the readiness of the vaccine of coronavirus. The likelihood of the vaccine getting discovered is not expected during this year.

He also added that even if the board allows them to hold a football match it is likely for the first one to be without any fan. He believes that the whole situation can be a huge risk and they’d have to assess the pros and cons thoroughly. The decisions should be made keeping in mind the greater good and it can help get things to get normal as fast as they could.