The widespread wildfire in California affected thousands of people and nearby communities. Governor Jay Inslee took a positive lead and sent baskets of Washington’s famous apples for the affected families.

Later on, it was found that the baskets of apples that were sent illegally from Gov Jay’s orchid were infected with apple maggot larvae. Although the presence of apples was sent as a kind gesture it turned out to be a mistake.

According to the reports, the hometown of Inslee, Thurston County, is said to be a quarantine area for maggot larvae infected apples. Following this fact, Inslee illegally bought apples from a quarantined area to a non-quarantined area. This can turn into a serious threat to Douglas County.

After this unfortunate happening, Governor Jay Inslee came forward with an apology. According to Inslee, he intended to bring relief to the people and communities who badly suffered due to the wildfires. Jay Inslee and his wife were in their hometown and they thought of picking some fresh apples from their tree in the Olympia orchid.

Jay showed his deep regret and said that it was completely unintentional. Inslee appreciated the Washington State Department of Agriculture for putting their efforts to recover the infected apples. Inslee further said that he has his full support towards this initiative and he’ll make sure to provide the necessary assistance.

According to the reports, the governor sent another basket to a house in Omak. The basket was later sent for testing and it turned out to be infected from apple maggot larvae. He left another apple basket in a church but according to the officials, that basket was not found. The unfound infectious basket can lead to virus expansion.

The official reports mentioned that Douglas County is free from all the pests or any infectious contagions. But now the baskets of infected apples might bring danger to the county.

According to the Douglas County officials, apple maggot is a seriously damaging pest and it can lead to dangerous repercussions. The official authorities have started working vigilantly to find the infected apples and getting rid of them. The county officials will make sure that the county stays maggot larvae free.