A shooting episode in one of the renowned hotels of Northwest Washington left one dead and four wounded.

According to the D.C police department, five people have been shot out of in a hotel on Thursday night located on Connecticut Avenue.

Dustin Sternbeck, the spokesman of D.C police stated that the “shootings occurred at a day’s inn in the 4400 block of Connecticut Avenue, near the university of the district of Columbia and a few blocks from the Van Ness metro station.”

Sternbeck stated that the shooting incident occurred around 3:30 am. The police found one woman critically injured in a room of the hotel, whereas, another woman was found wounded in a hallway.

Three other victims of the shooting went to the hospital for treatment on their own.

Police declared one of the victims dead initially but later rectified its statement later stating that the said individual was in “grave condition” but still alive. She was later pronounced dead.

Initial investigation revealed that the shooting incident took place because of some argument and might have started in one of the rooms of the hotel where the party was in full throttle and a lot of people were in attendance.

There has been no information regarding the shooter and no information has been revealed about the victims. The motive of the shooting is still unknown as the investigation regarding the incident is underway.