According to the news update, at least seven people are dead when an armed person opens fire at people at a Walmart supermarket in Chesapeake, in Virginia state, per the officials.

The sources have revealed that the gunman who fired at the people was believed to be the store manager of Virginia Walmart and is now dead. There were other multiple injuries in the shooting incident. However, the motive of the attacker remained unclear.

The police told the reporters at the incident that the attack happened at 22:12 local time  (03:12 GMT).

Footage that appeared online shows the eyewitness wearing a Walmart uniform and describing the situation which happened.

He explained that when he left the staff room, a manager entered the room and opened fire.

“Sadly we lost a few of our associates,” the man said, clarifying that he did not know how many of his colleagues were shot.

Mark Warner, a Democratic senator for the state of Virginia, tweeted that he was “sickened by reports of yet another mass shooting”.

Virginia state Senator L. Louise Lucas, also a Democrat, added that she was “absolutely heartbroken”. She wrote on Twitter: “I will not rest until we find the solutions to end this gun violence epidemic in our country.”