People fear the side effects of the vaccine and the possible chances of catching the coronavirus. As the vaccine is going to roll out in December, many world leaders like Biden and Boris will be taking the vaccine and they will be accompanied by Tedros Adhanom.

The fear of the people about the vaccine is justified because it had not been tested on a large scale. President-elect Joe Biden, and the UK Prime Minister, Boris have announced that they will get live vaccination to raise awareness.

The reason behind doing so in front of the public is to instill confidence among the masses about the vaccine. This idea was welcomed by the W.H.O Chief because it expressed dedication from the leaders of the world.

He did not support them by his words only, but he has decided to join them in live vaccination. This is going to be a historical moment as the world leaders will unite against a common enemy.

The coronavirus has jammed the cycle of life all around the world, and this vaccine is a step in the right direction. People need to understand the importance of this vaccination to make sure that life comes back to normal.

W.H.O. Chief Tedros Ready Another important personality who will be joining them is the former president, Barack Obama, who has shown willingness to get vaccinated. He has been supporting the people throughout the pandemic and is willing to take the vaccination as a public gesture.

The UK had given its approval to the Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus and it is hoped that other countries will follow. This vaccine is going to be a revolutionary act in human history because it was prepared in record time.

George Bush and Bill Clinton have also shown their interest regarding this live vaccination process. All of them want to be part of this historic moment, but they are waiting for their turns.

All of them believe that it is not right for them to take over the public’s chance to get the vaccine. Each one of the dignitaries will wait for their turn to get vaccinated publicly to give confidence to the people.

With the world leaders united against the coronavirus, people can believe in the vaccine prepared by Pfizer. Although Pfizer has to go through a process of FDA approval before launching it, people are still looking forward to it.