According to Blacksburg Police, one person was murdered and four people were wounded in a shooting near Virginia Tech on Friday in Blacksburg, Virginia.

On Friday, at 11:53 p.m, police were sent to the Melody Hookah Lounge after reports of rounds being fired there.

According to authorities, they were all transferred to nearby hospitals, where one of them died. According to officials, the conditions of the other four are unclear at this time.

“This incident continues to be a complex, ongoing case that has shifted to a homicide investigation,” Blacksburg police said.

On Saturday night, authorities identified the shooter as Jamel Duquon Flint, 24, of Roanoke, Virginia. According to Blacksburg police, he was apprehended without incident. He is charged with murder, 4 charges of attempted murder, and 1 count of using a handgun while attempting or committing murder.

One of the wounded was a Virginia Tech student, according to Virginia Tech President Tim Sands in a message to members of the campus community.

“Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased and we extend our support to those who were injured,” Sands said.

Police named the victim as Isiah O. Robinson, 18, of Roanoke. Virginia Tech didn’t immediately reply to ABC News’ request for comment