At least one person was murdered and two others were wounded in a mall shooting in Virginia on Saturday afternoon, according to local authorities.

Officials said that police were called to MacArthur Center in Norfolk, Va., when an altercation between two men led to a gunshot.

Arriving officers discovered one of the males had died. With non-life-threatening injuries, the two ladies were rushed by ambulance to Sentara General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

It’s still unclear who all three victims are. Police are requesting the public’s aid in identifying the two individuals recorded on security video.

There are two unidentified suspects out there, according to authorities.

The incident happened two block away from where Sierra Jenkins, a reporter for the Virginian-Pilot, was shot and murdered on March 19.

Five individuals were shot, including the reporter, who had just finished eating at Chicho’s Pizza Backstage with a friend.