On Wednesday, Buchanan County, Virginia, was hit by a strong storm that brought heavy rain and floods, leaving around 40 people unaccounted for, authorities said.

Officials held a press conference to announce that there are no reported fatalities.

The number of those still missing is expected to reduce during the day, according to officials.

In a Facebook post, the county’s Sheriff’s office said that there are forty-four individuals who are missing but stressed that “this does not mean the person is missing, it means we are attempting to reach and locate the person and check on their well-being.” Family members who are unable to get in touch with their loved ones have tallied the number of persons who have been reported to authorities, according to the office.

Officials said that search and rescue activities are ongoing.

The region experienced between 4 and 6 inches of rain in only a few hours last night. Approximately ten miles of damage have been reported by authorities.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has issued an emergency proclamation.

“I want Virginians in Buchanan County to know that we are making every resource available to help those impacted by this storm. As we continue to assess the situation, I want to thank our first responders and the personnel on the ground for providing assistance with our ongoing operations,” he said in a statement.