As New York City’s violent summer continues, shocking footage caught the moment a hatchet-wielding guy savagely assaulted a client at a Manhattan bank.

The random assault occurred shortly before 5.30 p.m. Sunday at a Chase Bank in New York’s Financial District.

On Tuesday, acquired surveillance footage showing the unidentified 51 years old man who was standing at an ATM when the attacker came in behind him.

The attacker is seen extracting a hatchet from a black bag and approaching the victim from behind before cutting him.

Terrified and bloodied, the victim tries to repel the frenzied assailant while frantically attempting to seize his weapon, eventually collapsing numerous times to the floor.

After the unnamed attacker finishes beating his victim, he continues to destroy the ATM displays before fleeing, authorities added.

‘The man who was struck in the head was screaming,’ according to a witness interviewed by the New York Post.

‘It’s insane,’ the witness said. ‘We heard screaming and saw the man lying down – he was covered in blood.’

According to police sources, the man was sent to Bellevue Hospital having 3 slash wounds on his head and one to his right leg.

He continues to be in stable condition.

According to officials, a suspect in the assault is being held in jail in Bellevue awaiting prosecution. He had not been identified as of yet.

The incident occurs against the backdrop of rising crime events in the Big Apple, with an increasing number of attacks occurring in broad daylight.

In 14-second footage released by the New York Post, Jayquan Lewis, who is 21 years old, was standing next to the cashier counter at 4 p.m. when another guy fell to the floor.

Another individual is seen running out of sight as he stands next to Lewis. Following the deadly shooting of Lewis, the shooter seems to casually exit the deli.

Lewis had three gunshot wounds to the chest, three to the arm, and one to the stomach. At St Barnabas Hospital, he was declared dead.

The murderer, whose motivation is unclear, is still on the loose.

And less than a week ago, two people were killed and another was critically wounded in two separate but ‘possibly linked’ shootings in Brooklyn.

On August 8, at 12.30 a.m. the shooter shot three males sitting in a vehicle that the NYPD claimed had been damaged in a car accident and then opened fire on a party of 150 people at an event venue down the street.

Two of the guys in the vehicle were killed: Nicholas Palmer, 36, of the Bronx, and Novada Bailey, 36, of Queens. A third guy, who has not been named, was severely wounded.

At least two more individuals were shot and wounded in the event, with one person being rushed to the hospital and the other drove himself to a hospital in Westchester County approximately 24 miles away.

As of August 15, felony attacks were up 5.3 percent year over year, while misdemeanour assaults were up 2.1 percent.