A Vietnam-era helicopter crashed in West Virginia killing all the 6 people on board.

The authorities stated that a helicopter crash incident in Logan County of West Virginia killed all the six passengers, at about 4:45 p.m. local time.

According to the reports, the helicopter was said to be a Vietnam-era carrier that was now used for touristic and scenic tours purposes.

The first responders to the crash scene announced all passengers were dead.

Logan Emergency Ambulance Service Authority and Operations chief, Ray Bryant, was among the first who reached the incident location and stated that the helicopter Huey was a Vietnam-era aircraft used for touristic flights. The tail number of the helicopter was N98F.

The same N98F was supposed to make a presence at the 7th Annual Huey Reunions which were to be organized at the Logan County airport by Marpat Aviation. The event was supposed to be conducted from Tuesday till the end of the week and the enthusiasts’ participants of the event would have been able to fly the plane or enjoy a ride against a donation.

State Route 17 in Logan County’s Kelly Mountain area was shut down by the investigative authorities after the helicopter crash. The West Virginia division of highways announced that its crew is still on the crash site in order to remove the wreckage of the crashed helicopter which also brought down the area’s power lines. However, none of the customers in the nearby area have a complaint of an outage.

The identities of the slain aircraft have not been confirmed by the authorities but it was released that none of the passengers were local.

The cause of the crash is still unknown as the investigation has begun. According to the reports, the aircraft was seen on fire when the first responders reached the site and firefighters tried to put the fire out.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has been summoned by the FAA to conduct an investigation of the crash. The officials from NTSB along with the members of the federal aviation administration were seen at the crime site to start the investigation.

People have been summoned to avoid the area till it has been cleared from the wreckage. This is a developing story and more detail will be added later