During the presidential elections, every news channel aired special election transmissions. Fox News also held an election special program the same way. During a discussion about Trump versus Biden in elections, Fox News invited legal counselor Cleta Mitchell to talk on the matter.

As the show went life, Cleta Mitchell talked logically and said that news channels should not be declaring anyone as a winner until the official results are out. She went onto say that just because certain news channels claim that someone is the president, it does not mean that the person they are referring to is the president.

She pointed out that just because CNN or Fox News has declared a winner; it does not mean that America’s new leader has been declared.

While Cleta spoke facts and remained respectful, the expressions of anchorperson Sandra Smith were caught on camera. Even though she was not on air at that time, the footage was leaked on Twitter within minutes.

In the video, she clearly showed through her expressions that she wanted to mock Cleta Mitchell. The Fox News anchor narrowed her eyes then shook her head, as if she just could not believe that Cleta had questioned the channel. She made her thoughts even more clear when she addressed her fellow anchor.

The fact that she did not like anyone questioning the media through logic clearly shows the bias. Fox News released the rigged votes, made sure to interfere during Trump’s first presidential debate against Biden, and did not accept it later on.

Now, Fox News has mocked a Trump supporter on live television. Fox News has always been known for its distaste against Trump and his supporters. It has now been assumed that they do not only act biased but also mock the people for siding with a political opponent that they do not endorse.