On Wednesday night’s vice-presidential debate, the Vice President of America, Mike Pence, explains what he thinks about both Trump’s and Biden’s administration. He remarked that Joe Biden would have killed two million Americans if he was the president instead of Donald Trump. Pence said that Trump’s administration has handled the pandemic very wisely.

By his remarks, Pence has defended Trump’s administration vigorously. Considering the record of Joe Biden, Pence has claimed that if Biden had to deal with COVID-19, two million Americans would have died already.

Pence recalled the year 2009 when swine flu hit the country and when Barack Obama was the president and Joe Biden was the vice president of the country. He said not seven and a half but a total of 60 million people contracted the swine flu and it was just luck that the disease was not as deadly as coronavirus, otherwise, the 2 million people who contracted the disease would have died.

Pence then recalled that Biden’s chief of staff, when Biden was the vice-president, said that it was just luck that saved the country. Luckily, only 12,000 Americans died of swine flu.

Ronald Klain, Biden’s chief of staff at that time, said in a tweet that it was nothing but just fortune that swine flu wasn’t one of the greatest mass casualty events in the history of America. He further added that Biden’s administration had done almost everything wrong. It had nothing to do with Biden’s administration doing anything right and it just had to do with luck. It was just luck that the swine flu wasn’t as lethal as coronavirus is at present.

Kamala Harris argued that if Biden had to deal with coronavirus, he would have handled it better than president Trump has and Biden’s plans of handling the situation created by coronavirus could be wiser than Trump’s if Biden was the president of the country instead of Trump.

On Haris’ remarks, Pence pointed out that he was wrong and if Biden’s administration could do something then their plans would be the same as Trump’s plans to deal with coronavirus.