Veterans Day, a national holiday honoring those who have served their country in the armed forces, will be observed for the 103rd time on Friday across the United States.

The holiday will cause many businesses, schools, and federal buildings to be closed down all across the United States. The following is a rundown of what will be open and what will be closed on November 11:

Post Offices

The United States Postal Service will be closed tomorrow; however, if you have something that you absolutely have to ship, you can still do so through FedEx or UPS. Both businesses keep their retail sites open so that they can continue to receive and deliver packages for their respective consumers.

Banks and Credit Unions

The vast majority of banks and credit unions situated throughout the United States are scheduled to close their doors; however, there may be a few exceptions for branches that are housed within supermarkets. Calling ahead to check on things might be your best bet.

Even while mobile banking apps and drive-up ATMs will continue to function normally, it is possible that the processing time for transactions as a whole will be lengthier owing to the holiday.

Schools and Workplaces

Despite the fact that many schools and other institutions will be closed in observance of Veterans Day, it is still a good idea to check your child’s school calendar twice or get in touch with the administration immediately.

On Friday, the federal courts and all government agencies that are nonessential will be closed.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

It is anticipated that the vast majority of retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping malls will be open on Veterans Day; however, certain places may decide to change their hours of operation, and other smaller businesses may choose to close their doors in observance of the holiday.

Not only will a number of large-scale retail and restaurant businesses be open for business, but they will also provide veterans and active service members with special pricing and discounts.

National Parks

On November 11, not only will parks across the country be open, but certain National Parks will also be providing free admission to visitors.