Venom: Let there be carnage brings back the toothy menace of Marvel to life on the big screen!

The supervillain from the Spider-man movies is back and needs no introduction as he brings life to the screen with a perfect amalgamation of comedy and action.

Sometimes the sequels outclass the original and that is exactly what happened here. The anti-hero who rose to fame by being the bad villain will be achieving new heights in this film.

Venom: Let there be carnage is releasing across America on October 1st whereas it will be releasing in the United Kingdom on 15th October.

The sequel starts from the same site where the original Venom movie of 2018 ended, bringing back the ferocious toothy menace alive on the big screen. The 2018 movie had ended on the earth-shrieking chants “we are Venom” as the unity was showcased while it ended but the sequel spilled the beans stating that the so-called unity was “short-lived.

Eddie Brock tries his best to keep Venom happy by bringing him chocolates that contain chemicals necessary for Venom to survive. But Venom is more interested in disrupting his chemical equilibrium by choosing the chemical given to him by bad guys. And that’s where the havoc begins!!!

Eddie Brock starts having trouble in his professional life and the entry of Cletus Kassidy, the serial killer only ignites the troubles on his hands.

This review won’t serve as a spoiler, so you need to watch the movie yourself to know how it is better than the original flick.

The film is rated PG-13 and rightly so because of the bloodshed and the ferocious graphic details. The violent character of Venom will continue to haunt the audience even when they have left the cinemas.

The best part of the movie is the fight between Cassidy and Venom which is full of emotions. And the love/ hate relationship between Eddie and Venom is depicted flawlessly as well.

It is a must-watch for all the Venom fans and even those who are not the fans as this is an amazing masterpiece that will keep you glued to your screens till the very end.