Vanessa Bryant was ordered to submit her therapy records regarding mental health in court to assist her lawsuit against Los Angeles County. According to reports, a court-ordered Bryant to submit documents assisting her mental health records starting from January 1st, 2017.

Vanessa Bryant, the wife of Kobe Bryant, had filed a lawsuit against eight deputies from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department accusing them of allegedly taking graphic pictures of her husband and the other victims of the fatal helicopter crash.

The fatal crash in January 2020 killed famous basketball player Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna along with 7 other people on board.

According to the sources, only the County Coroner’s office and the investigators belonging to the National Transportation Safety Board were allowed to take photographs from the crash scene.

The mother of four daughters had exclaimed that she has been overly “traumatized, and has trouble sleeping and is depressed for many reasons.”

“The impact of the helicopter crash was so damaging, I just don’t understand how someone can have no regard for life and compassion and instead, choose to take that opportunity to photograph lifeless and helpless individuals for their own sick amusement,” she told the deposition.

The county has disputed with the claims made by the widow of a late basketball player which says “the photograph-related actions or inactions approximately caused the allegedly severe and continuing emotional distress for which [Bryant] seeks monetary compensation.”

Bryant has filed a complaint against the county last year along with sending summons to the fire department as well as the sheriff’s office claiming that “publicly disseminated photos from the helicopter crash site” after she personally requested “that the area be designated a no-fly zone and protected from photographers.”

The trial is scheduled to begin on February 22, 2022. The court summoned Vanessa Bryant and her therapist to submit the mental health records latest by November 29th, 2021.

Vanessa Bryant and her attorney did not make any comment regarding this new development in the case.