Erik Ten Hag has accepted the fact that Nicolas is likely to leave the club soon.

The team has achieved a lot in the past couple of years as the 2018 and 2019 campaign proved to be lucky for them. Having reached the semi-final and winning to the giants like Real Madrid and Juventus has certainly caught the attention of big European clubs.

Since Frenkie de Jong has been bought by Barcelona and Matthijs by Juventus, it is clear that team Ajax will not be the same. While being happy for the youngster for moving forward, Erik is also concerned about the team.

A lot of key players are planning to depart with Donny Beek at the top as Real Madrid has shown its interest in the young talented player.

Erik says that he will try his best to retain such an important player but it will be hard as the club won’t be able to provide the environment or price that big clubs offer.

The coach wants Munich to stay for a couple of years as he is quite young and it might be very hard for such a young kid to survive in such conditions because of the prevailing high competition.

Other players include Tagliafico, a left-back player, along with the Cameroonian Andre Onana, and Hakim Ziyech who are expected to depart as agreements have been made.

Tagliafico might have a problem staying as he has turned to quite a mature age and would now want to move forward but Onana and Donny can certainly stay for a year.

Several players are looking to leave the club for better opportunities. We’ll see what happens as the transfer market opens in August. It is expected that the value of the players in the market might slightly be depressed but we just have to wait and watch.

Erik Hag states that it is really sad to see our players leave but there’s nothing much we can do about it. The tremendous performances have put confidence in Erik and he is determined that Ajax will continue to produce such talent.