The Biden administration had hinted that it may introduce vaccine passports across the country to administer businesses and other activities making the country safer and secure.

This idea has not been received well by the masses as a solution to curtail the pandemic. The proof to show if a person has received a coronavirus vaccine or not would be mandatory in the future as per the reports.

The state of New York already launched a vaccine passport, which the store users can use to check vaccine and coronavirus test information while offering the businesses a specific QR code to scan and verify.

This vaccine passport is already being tested by Air New Zealand while British Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Qatar Airways have shown their interest in acquiring the same app for their business purposes in near future.

Many Republicans have come out against the vaccine passport. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, exclaimed that the Biden government seems to be more concerned about the vaccine passports than the passports of the migrants crossing the southern border.

Rep. Pete Session from Texas stated that this is a complete overstep from the government. The health decisions should be personal of every individual, without risking their daily activities or limitations.

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has come out quite strong on the topic of vaccine passports. According to him, vaccines should be provided to every American but they should not be a mandate. It should be solely an individual’s health decision to administer it on oneself or not.

He said if this type of passport is conceived by the Biden administration, he will call upon the state legislature to draft out a bill to ban such vaccine passports in Florida. He further stated that this is a very controlling act of the Biden administration to make customers show proof of their coronavirus vaccination.

Recently, the White House has announced that it is working to come out with a nationwide standard for vaccine passports. The outcry started since then.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is the only one who has supported the idea. He stated that this decision is in the best interest of public health and the economy while being the dire need in the current situation.