A recent announcement made by President Joe Biden includes the U.S sending out additional COVID vaccine doses to countries across the globe. He has aimed to send at least 20 million vaccines by the end of June in order to help countries combat the pandemic.

This plan comes in light of the increasing number of vaccinations each day in the United States. With more and more people lining up to receive vaccine doses, a vast majority of the U.S population is now fully vaccinated. If the effort is sustained, the US could very well achieve the target of “protecting everyone in the United States.”

Thus, in the words of Biden himself, the country would be in a position to share “at least 20 million of those doses, that extra supply with other countries.” These vaccine doses are manufactured by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson. Already, 60 million vaccine doses of AstraZeneca have been sent to other countries.

Biden proudly shared that the number of vaccine doses donated by the US is the highest in the world. He was quick to add how the total surpassed the number of vaccines sent by rivals China and Russia to other countries in need.

In addition, he spoke of a ‘multilateral effort’ to put an end to the pandemic. Details of this effort will be revealed by the President himself at the G7 summit in the United Kingdom in June. He further flaunted the nation’s progress, and called this a “unique moment in history.”

He acknowledged that this is a work in progress that would require time and help from other nations as well. However, he argued about the countless benefits that would result from other nations helping to cover the cost of the effort. As stated by Biden himself, this ‘multilateral effort’ would help prepare countries for the next big crisis, if it is to come.

The President also announced Jeff Zients going up a level from White House Coordinator. According to Biden, Zients will now be working towards the international effort, along with the National Security Council and a cross-functional team which will include Gayle Smith from the Health Department and officials from Health and Human Services.