Austin McBroom, Jeffree Star, James Charles, and other influencers went too far with a couple of monkeys –  that’s what the federal authorities say. They also reprimanded the animal caretakers for allowing them to do stuff like this.

As per the USDA reports, which later TMZ obtained, Kevin Keith, back in Nov 2020, used capuchin and baboon in his several social media posts. However, on that, government inspector stated that Keith made a huge mistake as he failed to “adequately maintain direct control of the animals while they posed with social media celebs”

The officials were told that using primates in videos and promos was part of the campaign, including the banana monkeys delivering the apparel boxes to the stars for an apparel company shoot – while, of course, creating a photo opportunity.

However, when the promo event ended, TMZ was informed that PETA filed a formal complaint requesting the USDA conduct a probe to check for any possible violation of Animal Welfare law.

The complaint also argued that it would be dangerous for the animals and the public if he failed to control the monkeys in their aggressive state.

As per the reports received from the Agriculture dept, the videos that went viral on social media showed monkeys sitting on the shoulders of the stars and shaking hands with them while Keith failed to keep a watchful eye and hold on to their leashes.

The USDA concluded its report, giving a stern warning to Keith and correcting his careless behavior moving forward. TMZ tried to reach out to Keith. However, no comments have been received from him yet.