According to the news update, the University of Southern California has suspended a USC fraternity because of the reports of an alleged sexual assault along with possible signs of drug-facilitated sexual assaults in Los Angeles, as per the school officials.

“The university has received a report of sexual assault at the Sigma Nu fraternity house,” the school mentioned in an alert which is posted on its Department for Public Safety website on Wednesday.  “The university also has received reports of drugs being placed into drinks during a party at the same fraternity house, leading to possible drug-facilitated sexual assaults.”

The university also reported the information to the Los Angeles Police Department, as per the alert that also encouraged anyone with the information that is “relevant to the crimes” to contact the Department of Public safety of the school.

“The university provides for a fair, thorough and timely resolution process,” according to the university’s statement. “We are deeply concerned when any student experiences any kind of trauma, and we offer both private and confidential support resources, as well as supportive measures, to involved parties.”

One of the LAPD spokespeople spoke to news sources and highlighted that the department is quite aware of the four alleged victims who were involved in the case of sexual assault, but none of whom have reached out to the police department as of yet. Moreover, the LAPD opened an investigation on Thursday to further look into the case.

The sexual assault occurred on Sept. 25 at a fraternity party and is also involved in the unlawful administration of a controlled substance through a possible alcoholic beverage, according to the police officials. Furthermore, there is no suspect information at the particular moment.

The USC fraternity has also been placed on suspension on an interim basis and they are also barred from hosting events and parties along with the social gathering and other activities at the house- according to the school officials.

The national Sigma Nu Fraternity said in a statement Thursday that it is “concerned by these serious allegations” and aims to work with USC on investigating them.

“The Fraternity will determine its further actions based upon the investigation,” the statement said. “Sigma Nu Fraternity remains committed to responding appropriately to all matters of confirmed misconduct.”