On Friday, over two years into the COVID, the U.S surpassed 900,000 fatalities from the virus, after a spike of the highly contagious omicron form, less than two months after topping 800,000.

According to the most recent statistics provided by Johns Hopkins University, around 901,388 Americans have died as a result of the coronavirus in the previous two years, which is greater than the population of various U.S cities.

The grim toll comes 13 months into the immunization program in the United States. So far, 212,481,465, or 64.3 percent of the population, have received all of their vaccines.

According to the university’s research, a total of 4,151 U.S citizens died from the virus on Feb. 4, with a 7-day average of 3,391 daily fatalities, the highest number since January 2021.

Despite its affluence and technology, the United States has the greatest documented mortality toll of any nation in the world. Brazil comes in second with over 630,000 recorded COVID-19 fatalities, followed by India with approximately 500,000 reported deaths.

President Joe Biden issued a statement in which he lamented those who had died and urged Americans to be vaccinated in light of the milestone.

“Today, our nation marks another tragic milestone — 900,000 American lives have been lost to COVID-19,” Biden said in the statement. “They were beloved mothers and fathers, grandparents, children, brothers and sisters, neighbors, and friends. Each soul is irreplaceable.”

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the president has recognized the toll that the Covid has had on Americans.

“After nearly two years, I know that the emotional, physical, and psychological weight of this pandemic has been incredibly difficult to bear. I know what it’s like to stare at an empty chair around the kitchen table,” the president said.

Biden commended the nearly 250,000,000 U.S people who “stepped up” and obtained at least one immunization injection, stating that this effort saved over a million lives.

“We can save even more lives — and spare countless families from the deepest pain imaginable — if everybody does their part. I urge all Americans: get vaccinated, get your kids vaccinated, and get your booster shot if you are eligible. It’s free, easy, and effective — and it can save your life, and the lives of those you love.”