To date, around 1.08 million Americans have been tested positive for Covid, a figure mostly driven by the latest Omicron variant.

“U.S. reports over 1 million new daily Covid cases as omicron surges” CNBC Tweeted.

Key Facts:

  • As per the data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University tracker, the number of Covid cases that arrived on January 3 is double than the figure counted on December 30th.
  • The possible influx of the cases is likely to be caused by the delay in test reporting due to the holiday break.
  • The District of Columbia, New Jersey, Florida, New York state, Puerto Rico, and Delaware are currently among the states that have been facing a sudden spike in the cases with 200:100 positive results.
  • The unrelenting increase in Covid cases may prompt a reminder of isolation guidelines by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which previously were relaxed for 5 days for asymptomatic people.
  • The organization suggests taking a Covid test after 5 days of isolation for infected individuals.
  • While the government bodies have been reluctant to impose a strict lockdown, the fast-spreading omicron is already forcing widespread flight cancellations around the country and a return to remote schooling for various colleges and schools.

According to the recent 1-week data received from JHU, 1,337 average daily deaths have already been counted. Although the current variant is yet to beat the previous variant’s fatality rate, regular deaths in the country remain plateaued at a big number.

The unprecedented surge in the Omicron cases has led the United States to count nearly 480,000 positive cases per day, quadrupling the figure reported in December.

The number is likely to be greater than that as it does not include Americans who have been tested positive at home using rapid antigen tests.

The increase in the cases has been followed by a similar number in the hospitalization rate as the Department of Health and Human Services reported 103,329 facility beds had been occupied with Covid patients, which previously were 60,000.

“California COVID-19, By the Numbers:

Average daily cases: 15,806

Note: Numbers may not represent true day-over-day change as reporting of test results can be delayed”, Tweeted the CA Public Health.