Despite having the earlier rollout of organized vaccine shots as well as it’s following booster shots, the U.S. is once again seeing a scary reappearance in early pandemic hallmarks, at the first anniversary of the Covid vaccine.

The U.S. has one of the highest numbers of vaccinated people who have had two shots of their Covid vaccine, but despite the promise of a better, more secure future, the country still faces the threat of an incoming Covid wave. Reports show that colder weather has pushed for more indoor activities, allowing a quicker spread of the virus. Both the total number of cases, and deaths caused by Covid have increased in the country.

Many states are facing a scarcity in ICU beds as Covid cases surge all around. Governor Kathy Hochul, Democratic rep reimposed mask mandates in spaces with indoor crowds saying, “We shouldn’t have reached the point where we are confronted with a winter surge, especially with the vaccine at our disposal, and I share many New Yorkers’ frustration that we are not past this pandemic yet,”

Amid vaccine suppression, Republican lawmakers opposing mask mandates and vaccine apartheid that is key in the spread and mutations that are occuring worlwide, the world as a whole has been set way behind. Countries that have easy and affordable access to Covid vaccine, have larger anti-vax sentiments within the people that allow misinformation regarding the vaccine to spread.

Deaths in red states have been higher than in blue ones where mask mandates, vaccine mandates and other restrictions regarding gatherings are followed and not opposed en masse. “It’s sometimes hard to even feel because it’s so much and it’s constant. You can see the rooms fill up right after, and you don’t have a second to pause and just process all this loss.” said Dr. Erin Philpott of the San Juan County hospital, where she lost eight patients just last week.

Adding, “It feels like it’s impossible to keep seeing this and dealing with it. I think that’s why half the staff have gone.” New Mexico Acting Health Secretary David Scrase told reporters, “The fuel for this fire, our case counts, is unvaccinated individuals. Our hospitals are in a really grave situation,” regarding cases that are mostly affecting those who have not gotten their Covid vaccine shot yet.