Trump says he's ordered DOJ, FBI to investigate George Floyd's death

Trump orders FBI And DOJ to take-over the investigation of George Floyd’s death

Following the tragic murder of a black Minnesota citizen, George Floyd, Trump spoke up about the situation in a tweet on Wednesday. President expressed his grief over the situation...
Trump says US could cut off whole relationship with China over handling of COVID-19

Trump says US could cut off relationship with China over Covid-19 handling

President Donald Trump has threatened that he could break off all kinds of bonds with China, the way they have handled the spread of the global pandemic. He said in...
Unmasking list raises questions over Biden’s claims about awareness of Flynn situation

List raises questions over Biden’s claims of Flynn situation

Recently a list related to Obama’s cabinet came to focus. For which, former vice president Joe Biden has been interrogated. The list revealed an evident request made by Biden to...
Trump calls on California to let Elon Musk reopen Tesla plant

Trump calls California State to let Elon Musk reopen Tesla Plant

Considering the concerns regarding safety during the global pandemic, a lot of industries faced a setback and numerous facilities were shutdown including the Tesla plant in California. However, President...
Trump increases attack against Obama with ‘Obama gate’ tweet

Trump attacks Obama with ‘Obamagate’ Tweet

On Sunday, President Trump did not hold back in any way to defame the former U.S president, Barack Obama. He accused the former President of being involved in the investigation...
Trump hails ‘Bridgegate’ ruling, blames ‘corrupt’ prosecutors on case

Trump hails the ‘Bridgegate’ ruling and blames ‘Corrupt’ Prosecutors on the case

On 7th May, the Supreme Court dismissed the fraud charges filed against the ex-New Jersey officers. All state convictions made against the aides of Mr. Christie: Bridget Kelly and...
Trump says coronavirus task force will continue 'indefinitely,' shift focus to reopening and vaccines

Coronavirus task Force will continue ‘Indefinitely,’ says Trump

On Wednesday, Donald Trump expressed his desire to resume businesses to ‘get Americans back in routine’. After reports of the White House drawing the Covid-19 task force to close,...

Mark Levin Criticizes Democrats and Calls Barack Obama the Most Corrupt President

Mark Levin is an American author and radio host. He is the presenter of his radio program called The Mark Levin Program, as well as a show called Life,...

Michigan conservatives protests against stay-at-home order – and set sights on Trump’s re-election

Elections in the United States of America are near and as time goes by, things have become very bizarre. Firstly, we have a very controversial figure President Donald Trump...

New York Times says Biden camp’s talking points ‘inaccurately’ describe their Tara Reade reporting

The New York Times accused the Battle of Biden on Wednesday, revealing to Fox News that detailed ideas that had been “wrongly” circulated by prominent Democrats portrayed the newspaper’s...