State House Speakers find target of law enforcement

State House speakers under legal scrutiny as charges against them increase

In early 2015, many scandals were uncovered that forced many State House Speakers to leave their positions. It all started back in September 2014, when the then-House Speaker of...
Portland mayor needs to step down amid violence in the city

Portland mayor needs to step down amid violence in the city, says Rep. Doug...

Protestors in Portland broke into a police building and set it on fire to protest the tragic death of George Floyd. Amid the ongoing violent protests, Rep. Doug Collins...
reopen schools will be up to local governments

White House Leaves School Reopening Guidelines to Local Government

Kayleigh McEnany, the Press Secretary of the White House, has declared that the local governments will decide when to reopen the schools and clarified that it is the responsibility...
how Trump's Supreme Court list is made

Announcement of Supreme Court Nominees – A Political Move by Trump

Considering US elections 2020, Donald Trump has pulled out another old but gold trick from his magic hat. However, most of the Americans had seen it coming as Trump...
Trump vows to defeat 'radical left' in Independence Day speech

Independence Day: Donald Trump promises to beat ‘left-wing politics’ in the speech of...

With the increase in protests across the United States, President Trump, in his Independence day address,  made a statement claiming that he intends to destabilize the leftists. The President...
national garden heroes statues

Trump’s ‘National Garden’ of heroes, Antonin Scalia and Jackie Robinson among picks

As improbable as it may seem, it looks like Donald Trump wants to do something good for a change. On 3rd July, Trump publicized the origination of a National...
Trump says intel doesn’t back up report on Russian bounties against US troops

Russian bounties against US troops: Trump says Intelligence doesn’t back up the report

President Trump called out fake news as he denied the story of American soldiers being killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan after receiving bounties from the Russian Military. A piece...
Supreme Court Hands Trump Administration Win on Deportation

Supreme court hands win to trump administration on deportation powers

A case was pending in the Supreme Court that The Court ruled on Thursday for the Trump administration in a key immigration case that a federal statute restricting the...
trump rule limiting asylum seekers work permits

Trump announces rule that will limit Asylum Seekers’ ability to gain work permits

As an effort to discourage people from entering America illegally and filing asylum claims, Trump’s administration announced a rule that would limit the ability for asylum seekers to obtain...
trump warns anarchists not to disrupt tulsa rally

President Trump warns ‘Anarchists’ about Tulsa Rally, after receiving threats   

After receiving threats from groups that they might be organizing to cause agitation, President Trump warns those who want to disrupt his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsa’s Mayor George...