Mayorkas defending border policies, facing criticism from all sides

Mayorkas Defending Border Policies, Facing Criticism from All Sides

Republicans bashed Homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for defending the plans of the administration to lift the controversial pandemic-era border policy from Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortic on Wednesday,...
st. patricks day

Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Everything You Need to Know

The annual St. Patrick's Day Parade is set to take place in South Boston, following its traditional 3.5-mile route on Sunday. South Boston has been hosting the parade since...
Joe Biden Takes Action

Joe Biden to Announce Crackdown on Gun Sellers Who Break the Law

According to the White House, President Joe Biden is going to declare an executive order aimed at cracking down on gun sellers who break the law and moving the...
Shawn Kemp arrested

Former Seattle Super Sonics Legend Shawn Kemp Arrested on Felony Drive-by Shooting Charge

Former professional basketball player Shawn Kemp was arrested in Washington on Wednesday on a felony drive-by shooting charge, reported by the Tacoma Police Department. “We got this video from Brandyn...
Kidnapping in Mexico

2 Americans were Killed and 2 Rescued in a Kidnapping in Mexico

Four Americans heading to Mexico on a road trip for cosmetic surgery ended up in an aggressive drug cartel firing, leaving two killed and two captives for days in...
Abortion Law

Texas’s Abortion Law Triggers Five Women to sue the State Putting Their Lives at...

Texas state is facing lawsuits against the government-regulated abortion law. Five women taking over Texas legally, alleging that the law complicated their fertility by putting their fetuses at risk. The...
rapper glorilla death

Death of Two in NY Concert Stampede Leaves Rapper GloRilla “Devastated”

Rapper GloRilla has spoken on the tragedy that occurred at a rap event in New York City on Sunday night, during which two ladies were killed and another was...
Main St. Armory Incident

The Main St. Armory Incident Left One Dead and 2 Critically Injured

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Tragedy struck at the Main Street Armory on Sunday night when a concert turned into chaos, leaving one person dead and two critically injured. The incident occurred...
Biden $250K line of credit score towards Delaware seaside

Joe Biden $250K line of credit against his Delaware Beach Home remains a mystery

The US president Joe Biden secured a whopping $250,000 line of credit against his beach house in Delaware amidst his own ‘classified document scandal’ and the investigation into Hunter...
State of emergency declared in 13 countries, Including LA by California Governer, Newsom

State of Emergency Declared in 13 Countries, Including LA by California Governer, Newsom

In a stunning turn of events, California has been hit by a vicious winter storm that brought with it strong winds and heavy snowfall, causing widespread damage and prompting...