Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Christopher Kohberger's Family Breaks Silence After His Arrest

Bryan Christopher’s Family Breaks Silence After His Arrest in Idaho Murder Case

After Bryan Christopher Kohberger's arrest, his family decided to make their voices heard. His parents, Michael Kohberger and Marianne Kohberger, and his sister, Amanda, issued a statement to the public,...
Person found shot, killed on side of north Charlotte road

Dead Body Shot Several Times Found on North Charlotte Road

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is conducting a murder investigation after discovering a body on the roadside on Thursday morning that had been shot several times. According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police...
Southwest’s Canceled Flights Draw Federal Scrutiny

Southwest Airlines Canceled 2,500 Flights on Single Day and Flight Operations are Yet to...

According to FlightAware, which is a website that tracks flights, Southwest has canceled more than 2,500 flights, which is equivalent to 62 percent of its scheduled flights for the...
A 24-year-old woman was killed during Christmas Day street takeover

Christmas Day Street Takeover Results in the Death of 24-Year-old Woman

On Christmas night in Hyde Park, police claimed, a car performing doughnuts at an unlawful street takeover was responsible for the death of a woman, who was 24 years...
US winter storm traps New York State residents in cars

New York Residents Stuck in their Vehicles Amid the Monstrous US Winter Storm

As a monstrous winter storm continues to slam North America, at least 28 individuals have lost their lives in western New York state, with the majority of fatalities occurring...
16 dead after Buffalo area hit by ‘devastating’ snowstorm

16 People Dead After Devastating Snowstorm Hits Buffalo Area

The region around Buffalo, New York, was hit by a snowstorm with heavy winds, and as a result, sixteen people have died, which the governor of the state has...
15-year-old Mexican migrant run over by car while trying to cross Texas highway

15-Year-Old Migrant Teenager Run Over By Vehicle While Trying to Cross the Texas Highway

Illegal immigrants were able to climb a wall that was 30 feet tall and cross two major roads in Texas on Wednesday, but a member of their group who...
2 dead, 12 injured after magnitude 6.4 earthquake rocks parts of Northern California

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Northern California Results in 2 People Dead and 12 Injured

Local officials have reported that a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that struck Northern California early on Tuesday morning resulted in the deaths of at least two individuals and injuries to...
ICE training videos reveal agency lost track of 150K illegal migrants due to Biden admin's lack of processing

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Northern California Results in Thousands of People Without Power

According to the United States Geological Survey, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 struck the Eureka region early on Tuesday morning. As a result of the earthquake, thousands...
ICE training videos reveal agency lost track of 150K illegal migrants due to Biden admin's lack of processing

ICE Training Videos Have Revealed U.S Government Has Lost the Track of 150K Illegal...

Because of the Biden administration's "no processing" immigration policy, which led to the government losing track of at least 150K illegal migrants in the summer of 2021, new excerpts...