New York Times says Biden camp’s talking points ‘inaccurately’ describe their Tara Reade reporting

The New York Times accused the Battle of Biden on Wednesday, revealing to Fox News that detailed ideas that had been “wrongly” circulated by prominent Democrats portrayed the newspaper’s...
Trump camp hits Biden over comments about restoring Obama policy toward Cuba

Trump criticizes Biden over his stance to support Obama’s policies regarding Cuba

The Trump camp on Tuesday criticized the presumed presidential candidate, Joe Biden’s remark that considering the tight relations with the Venezuelan strong leader, Nicolás Maduro, he will reinstate Obama’s...

Trump administration makes a coronavirus testing strategy — and claims most of its work...

Trump’s failure to curb the coronavirus spread is evident to all US citizens and other countries as well. As the elections are closer, Trump is trying very hard to...
Biden accuser says Hillary Clinton is 'enabling a sexual predator' with her endorsement

Tara Reade, who accused Biden, bashes on Hillary Clinton for supporting a Harasser

The previous Senate staff member who accused Joe Biden of having sexually assaulted her in the 1990s enraged upon the support given by Hilary Clinton towards him on Tuesday. Soon...
Dem VP shortlists condemned Kavanagh

Senators of the democratic party voted against Kavanagh, here’s their response to Biden accusation

In 2018, when Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was rocked up with sexual harassment charges, 9 United States Senators who had been presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s...
DeSantis fires back at coronavirus critics

Desantis responds Coronavirus critics, says Florida didn’t have issues like States

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida declared that the number of Covid cases recorded in his state is much lower than that of other states who adopted stringent lockdown...
Pelosi endorses Joe Biden for president, amid development in sexual assault claim

Pelosi Endorses Joe Biden amid development in sexual harassment accusations

Nancy Pelosi, House Chairman, and a democrat from California backed Joe Biden as the future President of the United States and became an additional influential Democrat to openly support...
Georgia state rep who endorsed Trump reverses resignation

The representative of Georgia State takes back his resignation who was being criticized for...

A Senator in Democratic Georgia overturned an original decision to withdraw following an uproar last week to help President Trump. He also went on to twitter to announce his resignation...
Under Trump, coronavirus scientists can speak

Be In-Line Or Go Home: Trump’s new approach towards Coronavirus scientists

Trump’s views on the coronavirus are controversial from the very start. The scientific community has time and again asked Trump to speak otherwise but he is reluctant to change...
Trump says he's instructed Navy to 'destroy' any Iranian gunboats harassing US ships

Trump instructs navy to ‘Destroy’ Iranian gunboats if harassing US ships

After the news of harassing the US warships in the gulf area was spread all across the world, Trump advised their Navy to respond. He had instructed to shoot...