Video of Unidentified Flying Object Shown At Senate Hearing On Emerging Threats

Video of Unidentified Flying Object Shown at Senate Hearing on Emerging Threats

The United States Department of Defense published a video in 2022 showing an unidentified flying object (UFO) flying over a hot conflict zone in the Middle East. The sheer...
Republicans React to IRS Whistleblower's Allegations of Mishandling Hunter Biden Investigation

Republicans React to IRS Whistleblower’s Allegations of Mishandling Hunter Biden Investigation

Republican lawmakers are demanding accountability from the Biden administration for allegedly preventing Congress and the public from accessing information about the Biden family's business deals in China. This follows a...
Tragedy in Dadeville

Tragedy in Dadeville: 4 Dead and 28 Wounded at Sweet 16 Birthday Party

Investigators in Dadeville, Alabama, are still attempting to uncover what caused the turmoil that occurred over the weekend during a Sweet 16 birthday party that was disrupted by a...
Chicago's Loop Turns Chaotic

“Teen Takeover” of Chicago’s Loop Turns Chaotic, Leads to Shooting

Hundreds of young people descended on downtown Chicago for two nights in a row this past weekend for a rowdy "Teen Takeover" of the Loop. The next mayor of...
Mifepristone to be Prescribed up to 7 Weeks in Pregnancy

Federal Appeals Court Imposes Restrictions on the Usage of Mifepristone

While a high-profile federal lawsuit is being heard, a federal appeals court will permit some access to the abortion medicine mifepristone, but they will impose additional restrictions on how...
Flooding in South Florida

South Florida Braces for More Flooding as Heavy Rains Continue

Residents of South Florida should brace themselves for further flooding as a result of the heavy rains that kicked off the work week. More rainy weather is forecasted for...
Forest Fire

Large Forest Fire Spans 2,500 Acres in Manchester Township

A large forest fire that spans 2,500 acres is now being fought by crews in Manchester Township, Ocean County. As of the morning of Wednesday, officials reported that the fire...
end gun violence

KFF Poll Shows 1 in 5 Americans Have Lost a Family Member to Gun...

The vast majority of people living in the United States have, in some capacity or another, been affected in some manner by the pandemic of gun violence that has...
Michael Jordan's

Michael Jordan’s Home Targeted in Break-In, Prompting Police Response

Raiden K. Hagedorn, the 18-year-old arrested for breaking into Michael Jordan's home $15 million mansion in Highland Park, Illinois, has been released on a personal recognizance bond. He is...
Cash App Founder Bob Lee Dies After Being Stabbed in Downtown San Francisco

Cash App Founder Bob Lee Dies After Being Stabbed in Downtown San Francisco

According to his family and the police, Bob Lee, a technology entrepreneur who established the mobile payment startup Cash App and had previously worked at Square, passed away on...