The United States of America achieves another milestone. It became the first-ever country to cross the benchmark of 50 million coronavirus cases this Tuesday as the concerns increase regarding the newly detected highly mutated strain – omicron.

According to the experts, this new highly mutated variant of coronavirus might lead to more severe infections and new possible outbreaks in different regions of the world.

A total tally of 50,119,437 coronavirus infections has been recorded in the United States of America since the pandemic hit the world almost two years ago.

The medical experts of the country have raised their concerns over the surging cases of coronavirus across the country especially after the identification of newly found omicron variants.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the past two weeks on average 100,000 cases are being recorded across the United States of America.

New Hampshire is topping the states as it is reporting more new cases on average per day compared to any other state of America. According to the medical experts, Connecticut, Maine, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Delaware are the ones that have reported a spike in cases to approximately 185%.

Medical officials of the United States of America believe that the newly-discovered omicron variant, which is reportedly more infectious than the parent variant will undergo more mutation and will lead to a surge in the covid-19 positive cases.

More than 30 states of America have reported positive cases of omicron strain. Coronavirus cases are expected to ramp up again in October 2021. The tally has been lessened up as compared to the peak during the last holiday season but compared to the earlier months like September, cases are surging across America.

As the positive cases of coronavirus surge, this will lead to deaths and hospitalizations across the country which might exhaust the medical resources yet again.

The United States continues to lead the world in reporting the most coronavirus cases as well as death since the advent of the pandemic.