Ever since Joe Biden has become the President, he has been busy issuing executive orders to overturn the past decisions of Donald Trump. The new development coming in from the White House is a $230 million contract with an Australian company to accelerate the process of conducting COVID-19 tests in the country.

President Joe Biden wants to increase the testing capacity of the local hospitals. Therefore, the company from Australia, Ellume will help accelerate the process.

Joe Biden anticipates that this will help in estimating the actual figures of COVID-19 cases in America. Previously the vaccines have been on the rollout, but it is unclear who is in dire need of it.

The reason for involving a third party is to increase the testing capacity without burdening the federal government. In this way, the only investment coming in from the federal government will be in the form of monetary funds.

Ellume is now entitled to mass-produce testing kits that will be used for rapid testing across America.

This company has been working in the field ever since it got approval from the FDA back in December. Because the company did not have any manufacturing facility in the US, they were unable to deliver on their promise.

The company is looking forward to hiring partners to ensure that their testing facilities have a huge ground base to cover.

Pfizer started rolling out its vaccine after they received FDA approval back in December 2020. But the company is still unclear of how they are going to roll out vaccines without having any knowledge of accurate testing capacity.

Joe Biden was keen enough to listen to the medical advisers. He made sure that the testing facilities were increased.

He has a vision that every person in the country is tested so that they have an exact figure of coronavirus positive patients.

With the death toll already on the rise, America is still struggling to cope up with the aftermath of the pandemic, as they are in the process of figuring out how to address the prevailing issue.