With elections approaching and presidential campaigns frenzy touching new heights, the Americans are divided more than ever.

Both the presidential candidates are trying their best to strengthen their campaigns. The candidates are trying to get more votes in order to win their race to the White House.

It has been observed that this year’s elections are dividing the American voters.

Americans appear to be divided into several issues, whether it’s the Black Lives Matter movement or the pandemic.

This time around the political divide is at extremes. The police reported that many political signboards had been stolen from people’s yards during these elections.

People who want to escape vandalism on their property have had to make warning signs as a disclaimer. The theft of signs has been seen in all 50 states.

There has also been a huge gap between public opinion on the government’s reforms or the legislature. If one state decides to pass the legislature, it is thrown out by the opposing party. An example of this can be seen in the state of Wisconsin.

There is a wide divide between the local parties as well. When the Democratic governor decided that they needed to observe a lockdown in their state, the Republican Party withdrew the legislature and a lockdown could not be carried out. Parks, restaurants, and cafes were all opened thereafter.

Not only this, but there was also no provision for SOPs. People were not wearing masks or following the safety procedure at all.

The Democratic governor tried again to at least limit the number of people in these public places to a certain percentage, but the Republican Party rejected the idea altogether.

Paru Shah, a professor of political science at a reputed university, said the rift was too large that we can draw a Venn diagram to show it. The professor is of the view that if we draw a Venn diagram then we will find no overlapping between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Michigan is another example of the dichotomy. It is a part of the few states where there is again a huge authoritarian divide. The governor of the state is from one party while the party that is responsible for the legislative matters is separate.