Donald Trump’s stance on China is very clear from day one. Although Trump did manage to get a deal that he can boast about as his win but given his uncertain behavior and China’s changing preferences, people are skeptical of this deal. But what will happen if Joe Biden wins the White House. Will the strained relations between the two countries become normal again? Will Biden make the matters worse? How it’s going to impact the overall US economy?

Joe Biden has served as the vice president under Obama’s administration and has experience in foreign relations. But as the president of the United States (if he wins) his outlook towards certain things may change. Biden and Democrats don’t consider China as the enemy of the US or a threat to its national interest. But in the Democrat presidential primaries, Biden did call China’s President Xi Jinping as “thug” for imprisoning a million Uyghurs in what they call “re-education camps.” This may make things difficult for Joe Biden to work with President Xi. Moreover, Biden also hinted that he may put “swift economic sanctions” on China after it introduced new national security laws in the region.

The ex-vice president of the United States may have toughened his stance on China in order to win the support of Trump’s supporters, but even if momentarily we consider that he did intend to move forward with his plans, it won’t be similar to the thoughts he has been conveying in the debates.

The pandemic has made the economic matters worse and if Biden manages to win the White House he has to explore new opportunities so that the overall economic situation can be brought back to the pre-pandemic era. This may include normalizing trade relations with China and offer some sort of relaxation to Chinese businesses as well.

Given Biden’s past experience in matters of foreign affairs, one thing is certain that he will follow a tactical and diplomatic approach to normalize the situation with China and he won’t act in a manner that could jeopardize his image, national interests or economic recovery. Making relations with China normal can also help in attracting more funds, which can expedite the economic recovery process.