If you have not caught up with the most recent social media trend, never fear, we’re here to brief you about it, who knows you might find it fun. Urban Dictionary is the most recent culprit to get stardom overnight as social media users search up their name’s meanings on the crowd-sourced internet platform.

Going for the legitimate Merriam-Webster dictionary is over, as people look up their name’s unofficial meaning, funnier meaning in Urban Dictionary. If you are a ‘Karen’, however, you will not find the dictionary’s meaning rather funny, as it says, “Middle aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems an inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected.”

Being a ‘Britney’ is cool according to the people who contributed to your name’s meaning, as it says, “She is hot asf u can always trust her with anything she is amazing and I love her so much Bc she’s the best.”

The crowd-sourced platform was created in 1999 to initially only explain or elaborate on slang words. Over time, Urban Dictionary went on to include many different categories of names and phenomena. In terms of good rep, the ‘Williams’ might be a little too happy as the online glossary gives the name quite a glowing review with, “A guy that can be the guy of your dreams. You would feel like he wouldnt notice you, but deep down he’s probably thinking the same thing. He’s the type of guy that once you get to know him, you are like best friends and after a while, you are pretty much-falling in love with him.”

As evident by more than one of the above examples, often the grammar, punctuation, or structure on these meanings you might find on Urban Dictionary will not be 100% accurate. The platform works through contributions by the general public and goes through an editing process, but it can still overlook a few incorrect details.

Many of the meanings you find on the platform may or may not be inappropriate in that they have sexually explicit or downgrading language. Just as most of the memes that become a global phenomenon, the content from the Urban Dictionary is not highly substantial but it is funny or fun, as users might say. It has become a global trend too, on multiple platforms as well, especially on Twitter and Instagram.

This one specific meaning most of us would not be able to disagree with is for the show ‘Breaking Bad’ that states, “The BEST show to come on TV in a long time.” If you are curious enough, it is harmless enough to try and see what the people think your name stands for.