macOS is an intuitively designed operating system that enables users to manage their projects effectively. With the help of the right project management tools for your Mac, you can prioritize, track and assign tasks more seamlessly. Here, you’ll find a list of the top Mac project management apps in 2022.

1. Smartsheet

If you’re looking for spreadsheet-like project management software for your Mac, check out Smartsheet. It is one of the leading business apps for users comfortable working in Excel but wish to break away from complicated formulas. The app performs calculations across multiple sheets, and you can set color themes or add customized logos for individual projects.

Some of the app’s helpful project management features are card views, workflow visualization, automation of tasks in Gantt, etc. Notifications of critical changes are sent to team members in real-time. In addition, the app offers detailed history, shared views, reminders, automated alerts, activity logs, and status reports to keep team members informed and aligned.

The app’s Critical Path feature highlights the tasks directly impacting the project completion date so team members can track crucial milestones. Furthermore, reporting with editable summary reports is an essential feature of the app that allows users to export to Excel quickly.

Smartsheet integrations include Google and Microsoft applications, useful business apps like Slack, Salesforce, and Tableau, and development essentials. Users can use the app for free during the 30-day trial period.

2. Merlin Project Express

Merlin Project Express is the one-stop application for managing large projects. It is a feature-rich application with enhanced functionality and collaboration tools. The software was specifically built to assist users in efficiently handling semi-professional and home projects. It is also an apt choice for users managing multiple resources, projects, and budgets.

The app is packed with many project planning tools, making it easier to sort out tasks and projects, set deadlines, track progress, and schedule tasks. There are also project templates that users can use to get a headstart on their projects. For more information, click

3. MeisterTask

MeisterTask was designed to make task management cooperative and efficient. It is a multi-platform collaboration software enabling collaboration and communication throughout projects. The app allows team members to set dependencies and deadlines. In addition, users can group tasks in multiple ways so project managers can monitor progress and stay in touch with team members.

The personalized dashboard is another incredible feature of the app. It offers each team member an overview of their tracked time, open tasks, and notifications from other team members. In addition, the task contributors can benefit through real-time collaboration via mentions, comments, etc.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management software with powerful features for handling and finishing projects on a single platform. The app offers a centralized workspace for users to schedule tasks, plan projects and manage their resources. Users can even collaborate and communicate with team members.

The essential task management features are subtasks, task checklists, and task templates. Additionally, users can sort, filter, easily record, search for, and view tasks in the most convenient manner for the team members. Creating calendars, Gantt charts, and timelines is also allowed, which helps team members visualize their tasks.

Other notable features of ClickUp include sharing, creating, and collaborative editing capabilities. Team members can comment on tasks and documents, chat with other team members and assign comments. The coveted reporting feature also enables users to create bespoke dashboards with six in-built types of reports.

The app provides native integrations with Dropbox, G Suite, Slack, etc.

5. is a flexible and colorful project management tool that works excellently on Macs. The tool allows users to select from myriad project templates to start their projects. Customization is encouraged to use columns to visualize and capture all the information they need. The app fosters easy collaboration by keeping checklists, team conversations, briefs, files, and sheets in a single location. It is hassle-free to send and receive notifications, assign tasks, and share pages when using the tool.

The tool offers integrations with Excel, Slack, Google Calendar, Trello, etc.

Even though is a brilliant project management tool, mastering the app is a bit of a steep learning curve. New features are always pushed through, and users may need time to figure them out.


Project management tools can streamline your workflow and make it easier for the team members to collaborate and communicate. It can improve project completion times and augment your company’s bottom line. It helps streamline the management of multiple resources and projects at once.

Are you currently using project management software for Mac? If you are not happy with your present PM software, you can check out any of the apps mentioned above. If you are not using any PM tools, it might be time to consider using one.