Recently a list related to Obama’s cabinet came to focus. For which, former vice president Joe Biden has been interrogated.

The list revealed an evident request made by Biden to expose the identity of Michael Flynn. The former national security advisor, being associated with Obama’s administration, has been called out by many.

Biden was mainly interrogated for being on the top of the list. Anyhow, he does not own the leaked details completely.

In an interview, Biden had disowned the matter of unmasking Flynn. This clearly showed the guilt of the former VP towards leaked data.

Biden was made to spill some beans over the issue once again. It was when in an interview, he was asked about the oval office meeting, held in Jan 2017. But the response remained the same.

The counter-statement of Biden was taken over by his director of rapid response. A major standpoint was that Biden declared his disassociation a day before the list was leaked. However, effortlessly Bates drew all the public attention towards it being leaked by the Trump campaign.

For the main issue, Bates gave a clear statement in which he denied any sort of investigatory plan related to the documents.

The advancement of the list extends as other renowned names appeared on the list. Including the U.S Ambassador to the United Nations, other such names were mentioned who could have known Flynn’s identity.

From November 30th till mid of December, seven requests from Samantha Power, three requests from Clapper, and two requests by Brennan were observed. Finally on the 5th of January, 2017 a request was made by McDonough to reveal Flynn’s identity.

As a response, clear evidence by the manager of the Trump Campaign was given to deny the statements of Joe Biden. Brad Parscale majorly supported his statement by mentioning Trump’s views on Biden.

Joe was called a major revealer by Trump. Under this context, Brad proved Biden’s claim wrong.