A UNLV student died after hosting an amateur ‘fight night’ charity and subsequently dying of brain injury– and now his family is seeking answers.

Nathan Valencia, 20, was transported to the hospital after collapsing shortly after participating in the ‘Kappa Sigma Fight Night’ on the 19th of November. Doctors verified that the college student was suffering from internal hemorrhage and brain injury as a result of the fight.

The video of the Boxing match is here.

Valencia died on November 23, only a few days before his twenty-first birthday. According to The Sun, his organs were given to eight separate individuals.

Despite having no prior boxing expertise, the kinesiology student at UNLV entered for the charity event.

A flyer for the fight advertises the main event as ‘Emmanuel Aleman vs. Nathan Valencia. ‘Come out & support your favorite boxers or just enjoy the year’s smackdowns,’ the event flyer said.

Joe Castro, a close friend of Valencia’s, told CBS 8 that the event resembled an ‘underground fight club.’ He had no recollection of seeing any medical assistance and said that a brawl erupted after Valencia fainted.

Castro says that he saw no medical personnel, no physicians.

He said that individuals there did not help while Nathan was just lying there in the ring. It was absurd.

Valencia’s girlfriend, Lacey Foster, said during the altercation that when she stepped in there, she got this very strange sensation. She recalls someone’s headgear falling off during one of the bouts, and that one could tell during Nathan’s battle that Valencia was trying to get away to collect his breath.

Valencia family attorneys with the Richard Harris Law Firm issued a statement saying that the ‘heartbroken’ family will launch a ‘thorough inquiry.’