Trump’s views on the coronavirus are controversial from the very start. The scientific community has time and again asked Trump to speak otherwise but he is reluctant to change his statements.

Under his reign, the scientific and medical community has suffered a lot in terms of credibility. As often it is seen that they are forcibly putting up with the false statements given by the President himself on the COVID-19 Situation.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning about the upcoming winter flu. They have mentioned that they are going to face more trouble than in previous years.

Donald J. Trump has been ignorant of the COVID-19 situation and even on one occasion suggested to use of Malaria medicine for curing coronavirus. His statement was undermined by the medical advisors, but they were taken to task after redacting his statement.

Redfield fears that this year’s winter viral flu can be worse than ever. His views were mentioned as misquoted by the President of the US.

Redfield had to come up next to the President and change his quote. This is the kind of pressure that the Trump Administration is seen putting on the medical staff.

This means that the Trump administration has been undermining the statements given by doctors and medical professionals. COVID-19 is not a situation that is to be taken lightly at any cost.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives in this lockdown. The majority of the US population is still at risk of being exposed to this deadly virus.

Coronavirus is not expected to go away anytime soon. This has raised questions on the poor judgment calls made by the President to tackle the situation.

Trump’s casual attitude has made the situation for the people of the US worse. This is the reason that many medical professionals had to redact their earlier statements in favor of the Trump administration.