In the age of advancement and technology, everyone has some semblance of information about nearly everything. This is to the point that most information that you will find on the internet will have some bias towards a certain political group or an opinion on a certain country performing some heinous crime.

To an extent, this may be good because awareness is good, especially amongst the general public.

But what happens when the sources that you are getting your news from incorporate their opinions in the news that they send out into the world?

People have begun looking for the most neutral news resources they can find. So here we have enlisted 5 of them for you.

This news agency is one of the independent sources that people look to for news. Their reputation was built on the fact that they do not have a bias in the news that they report. However, on some issues, they have been accused of siding with the left in many cases concerning human rights and such.

The level of journalism is quite proficient and the representatives and journalists that are working there are responsive toward criticism. If their news is questioned, they actively work to rectify their mistakes.

They have plenty of variety in the news that they are providing. They have all sorts of categories, including Politics, and technology. They have an area for science and for business as well. They even have a music section for the people who look for entertainment in the news and music enthusiasts.

It is an all-rounded news resource that will provide you with the most neutral news. You will find information that is mostly fact-based.

At the end of the day, the people running it are humans and there will be some bias in terms of opinions but apart from that, the news is more or less straightforward.

Most of the CBS News employees are centrally aligned because of which this news resource is considered unbiased as well. However, statistics have shown that 40% of the employees are slightly left aligned and 20% are right-wing supporters.

This generally means that there is a balance between both sides to some extent. Obviously, there is going to be a natural bias because it’s a part of human nature to have opinions based on experiences, but the good thing about them is they don’t let that dominate the fact-based part of the news.

They offer different categories as well including, business and entertainment. But their news is valued a lot because compared to other news outlets and resources that are run by conservatives, this news resource talks about the general news which has as limited bias as physically possible.

Compared to CNN or NBC, this news resource is quite well-versed in the topics they are talking about at the same time. They do manage to make the information engaging because of the way the journalists are writing and portraying the news. It is one of the most neutral news resources out there.

This news resource also happens to have one of the most important qualities of neutralized reporting. Most of their articles are fact-based without much bias or opinions in them. Many news resources do this to sway the general public in a direction of their liking, but this is not the case with Reuters.

It has been one of the oldest and most well-appreciated news resources in the market. They have known to not use article titles that take the help of clickbait to attract more writers. The journalists there are very genuine in the way that they work.

The facts are laid out for the people to see and make a decision on their own. They don’t rely on the shock factor to gain traffic and an audience. Theirs is the most authentic form of journalism because of the criticism that they do which is backed up with information.

They talk about unethical politicians and businesses in their articles. They have breaking news and options in terms of science and technology as well.

People trust this news resource because of the way that they have maintained their integrity over the years regardless of authoritative powers.

This is one news resource that nearly everyone in the world has heard about and almost everyone trusts. Because of its large audience, this news resource will rarely make mistakes that will jeopardize that. They have maintained their integrity throughout the years and managed to keep their audience engaged.

Since the company is Britain-based, it has all the more leniency to write headlines and articles about the entire world including US politics without any worry of getting harmed.

This also adds to their authenticity factor. People trust this news resource because of their neutrality in terms of everything.

This news outlet has also managed to protect itself from any sort of accusations in terms of being biased towards a certain political group. They are known for portraying both sides of every issue and maintaining a level of neutrality that has helped them gain the trust of the general public.

Much like other news resources mentioned on this list, this resource backs up its articles with all the facts that are needed for the sake of surety.

This is one of the most neutral news resources that people have managed to rely on because they aren’t heavily influenced by both sides.

The Wall Street Journal is a well-known American news organization that primarily focuses on business and finance news. It was founded in 1889 and has since become one of the most respected publications in the business world. The Wall Street Journal has a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable news and analysis on global financial markets, economic policy, and corporate affairs.

In addition to its print and online publications, The Wall Street Journal also produces podcasts, video content, and live events for its audience.

The New York Times is a leading American newspaper that has been published since 1851. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential newspapers in the world, covering a wide range of topics including politics, business, technology, science, and culture. The New York Times is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis, as well as its opinion pieces, investigative journalism, and multimedia content.

The newspaper has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting, and it has a large online presence with millions of readers around the world.

The Washington Post is a major American newspaper founded in 1877. It is based in Washington D.C. and is known for its coverage of U.S. politics and government. The Washington Post has won numerous Pulitzer Prizes for its reporting, including its coverage of the Watergate scandal in the 1970s. The newspaper has a large online presence and also produces podcasts and video content.

In addition to its political coverage, The Washington Post also covers national and international news, business, technology, and sports.

The Economist is a British newspaper that focuses on international news and business. It was founded in 1843 and is known for its in-depth analysis of world events, as well as its coverage of economics, finance, and politics.

The Economist has a reputation for being highly informative and authoritative, with a global readership of more than 1.5 million. The newspaper also produces podcasts, video content, and live events.

The New Yorker is an American magazine that focuses on news, culture, and politics. It was founded in 1925 and is known for its long-form journalism, essays, and fiction. The New Yorker has won numerous awards for its reporting, including 54 Pulitzer Prizes. The magazine also produces podcasts and video content, and it has a large online presence.

Wire Services such as The Associated Press, Reuters, and Bloomberg News are news organizations that provide breaking news and coverage of current events to other media outlets. They gather news from around the world and distribute it to newspapers, television stations, and online news sources.

These organizations are known for their speed and accuracy in reporting, and they play an important role in shaping the global news agenda.

Foreign Affairs is a quarterly magazine that focuses on international relations and U.S. foreign policy. It was founded in 1922 and is published by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Foreign Affairs is known for its in-depth analysis of global issues, and it is considered one of the most influential publications in the field of international relations.

The Atlantic is an American magazine that covers politics, culture, and the arts. It was founded in 1857 and has a reputation for publishing high-quality journalism and thought-provoking essays.

The Atlantic has won numerous awards for its reporting, including more than 60 National Magazine Awards. The magazine also produces podcasts and video content, and it has a large online presence.

Politico is an American political news organization that was founded in 2007. It covers politics, policy, and government at the local, state, and national levels.

Politico is known for its in-depth reporting and analysis, as well as its fast-paced coverage of breaking news. The organization produces daily newsletters, podcasts, and video content, and it has a large online presence.

Wikinews is a news website that operates on the principle of citizen journalism. It allows anyone to write and publish news articles on a wide range of topics. Wikinews is known for its collaborative approach to journalism, which encourages readers to contribute to the reporting and editing of articles.

The website has a global audience and covers news from around the world. It is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, which also runs Wikipedia.

The Real News is a nonprofit news organization that focuses on producing independent, investigative journalism. It was founded in 2007 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. The Real News is known for its in-depth reporting on social justice issues, including poverty, inequality, and racial justice.

The organization produces video content and podcasts, as well as written articles, and it has a large online presence. The Real News is supported by donations from its audience and does not accept advertising or corporate funding.

C-Span is a public service television network in the United States that broadcasts live coverage of government proceedings, including congressional hearings, presidential speeches, and other political events. It also produces its own programming, including interview shows and documentaries.

C-Span is known for its unedited and impartial coverage of politics, and it is widely used as a source of information by journalists, researchers, and politicians.

Google News is a news aggregator operated by Google. It collects news from thousands of sources around the world and presents it in a personalized news feed for each user. Google News uses algorithms to identify and group related stories, and it allows users to customize their news preferences.

The service is available on desktop and mobile devices, and it has a large user base around the world.

AlterNet is a progressive news website that covers politics, social justice, and environmental issues. It was founded in 1998 and is known for its opinion pieces, investigative journalism, and in-depth reporting. AlterNet’s audience includes activists, policymakers, and other people interested in progressive politics.

The website has a large online presence and produces video content and podcasts in addition to its written articles. AlterNet is supported by donations from its audience and does not accept advertising or corporate funding.


An important aspect of news reporting is that you have to have integrity in what you are showing to the public and shouldn’t just be working towards increasing your ratings. News resources that do that no longer have the faith and respect of the general public even if there is increased traffic on the sites and the channels.

Every news outlet on this list is known for their fact-checking and finding solutions to criticisms that they may get from the general public. This has made them reliable and valued in the market. Trusting every other aspect of the news isn’t a good idea.

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