News is the most potent tool to circulate information among people. It is crucial mainly because it is the most used medium of knowledge around the globe. It informs the public about events happening around them and how they may have an impact on them.

People who like news – watching it, listening to it, or even sharing it. They find it extremely hard to look for reliable news sources in a world that have become as polarized as ever.

unbiased world news sourcesIt is a news outlet’s responsibility to share the correct information online, avoid giving wrong knowledge to the audience while maintaining their reputation. Doing otherwise will ruin the news outlets’ online connection, and they are more likely to lose the audience.

According to many, the media is what we deserve. With its imperfections and biases, the news channels, papers, and online sources can be the freest in the world. They, however, also need to be amongst the fairest.

Why is News Biased?

Supporting and conflicting with an individual political party, candidate, or even an ideology is quite common for news outlets. However, other forms of bias, such as mainstream, advertising, corporate, gender-based, and concision bias, exist.

Sometimes journalists do not present facts the way they are because of their own opinions.

world news sourcesInstead of doing this, they should present facts whether they are satisfied with them or not. Issues and events are meant to be objectively reported in the fairest and unbiased manner. Regardless of what the writer believes in.

There is also a possibility where sometimes journalists do not have access to all the available stories and facts.

History of Media Bias

Biased news has been a part of mass media since the day it came into being. According to historians, publishers mostly supported the views of powerful political groups.

During the 19th century, supporting a particular political party or the publishers’ economic interests was quite evidently displayed in newspapers.

History of Media BiasDuring this period, most of the crime coverage reflected loyalties and political interests of publishers instead of facts, as seen during the Mexican bandit Joaquin Murrieta’s spree. The stories were also exaggerated and presented in a dramatic style to the audience.

Later in this century, unbiased reporting and news were recognized by journalists as a fundamental part of journalistic ethics. This was an issue for journalism as a robust social force.

Even today, accusations of bias are not just received by any journalists, but even the most conscientious ones find it hard to escape them.

So the question is, where do we find the most reliable news in this world on uncertainty and unfairness? Here, we have jotted down the best five sources for presenting unbiased news.

Top 5 Unbiased World News Sources

1. Associated Press

The associated press is a multinational nonprofit company that has aimed to stay loyal to its status, remaining unbiased. Moreover, the associated press is one of the first news companies to update people whenever a significant event happens. Millions of people use Associated Press daily as a medium of expanding their world knowledge. However, more than half of them do not even know what Associated Press is.

Associated PressAP journalists, all across fifty US states and hundreds of other countries, collect the latest news from the government to Middle East warzones and distribute it to hundreds of news outlets.

Their tagline is “Advancing the power of facts.” Their focus is on non-inflammatory style whenever they present information.

They try to represent the reader’s viewpoint as much as possible while also remaining neutral when presenting political stories. AP journalists focus on reporting facts with dependable sources and both positive and negative claims made by multiple sources.

While doing this, they like to state news with the use of evidence. On their website, Associated Press also has excellent video and listening sections that are regularly updated.

2. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal has been popular since the days of printing newspapers, which is good. It is known for reporting news in the most truthful way without any interpretations. WSJ is one of the very few news sources that provide a piece of reality from both sides from a political perspective.

wall-street-journalIt is improbable for us to see a Wall Street Journal White House correspondent in the Press Room, cooperating with a political figure. This is not because WSJ is uninterested in political affairs or the president but is because they avoid negative stories that favor only one side.

Without using immoderate editorializing or using language that affects one’s emotion.

They report an event in the most explanatory manner. They tell what is happening and who’s doing it and why he is doing it. Aside from having a large team just for fact-checking, WSJ strives to avoid bias.

3. British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC)

BBC is one of the most famous and largest news service providers in the world. If anyone wants to know what is happening globally, the perfect place to go to is the BBC. The BBC focuses more on world events and attempts to report breaking news on every subject, as quickly as they can, while still publishing real stories.

British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC)According to All sides and Media Bias/Fact Check (media-bias rating services), BBC is the heart of news reporting. This means BBC reporting stands as a top option for independent newsreaders. This may be because it remains uninfluenced by US politics since it is based in Britain rather than the US.

4. Reuters

Aside from reporting accurately, Reuters is a well-respected unbiased news outlet. It has a strong focus on straightforward reporting and is known to write impartial and clean content.

ReutersReuters does not appear to side with one story.

For instance, in World stories on controversial breaking news such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or even government elections, this source is honest and presents facts accompanied with evidence.

At a time when unbiased news reporting is highly scarce, this is incredibly refreshing.

5. CBS News

About 40% of CBS News Audience are “left-leaning, and 20% are “right-leaning,” according to Pew Research Study in 2014. Political conservatives often point that CBS has a left-leaning bias due to this. But actually, most of CBS’s audience is just center-aligned.

CBS NewsAs compared to other news outlets, this tells us that CBS News audience has a tremendous political balance.

According to Gallup and Knight Foundation’s 2017 Survey, CBS News had a favorable score regarding unbiased reporting. The language they use tends to be neutral and very straight to the point.