KYIV, Ukraine – Around 7000 to 15000 Russian troops have been killed in the war with Ukraine over the period of 4 weeks – keeping Moscow from the victory it has been seeking.

“NATO estimated on Wednesday that 7,000 to 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in four weeks of war in Ukraine,” a source Tweeted.

Previously, Russia lost 15000 of its troops during the war with Afghanistan, by way of comparison.

The current estimation is based on the information provided by Russian and Ukrainian authorities as well as details gathered from open sources, revealed NATO’s military official.

On the other hand, Ukraine provided very little information regarding its military loss, except for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claiming that the country had lost 1300 servicemen due to the war two weeks ago.

Almost a month ago, when Russia started the war against Ukraine many had expected a swift tumbling of Ukraine’s government. However, we are nearing a month into the war and it seems like Russia is bogged down in a ‘grinding military campaign.’

President Zelenskyy who has been seeking military aid since the war started riveting the world’s attention with speeches to legislatures and ad hoc clips, pleaded to people around the globe on Thursday to support Ukraine, stating, ‘the war breaks the heart of every free person on the planet.’

“Come to your squares, your streets. Make yourselves visible and heard,” said the president in English while addressing the world in a video recorded in the dark. “Say that people matter. Freedom matters. Peace matters. Ukraine matters.”

He then spoke in Russian to address the rival country, “to leave Russia so as not to give your tax money to the war.”

Ever since the war began in Ukraine, thousands of Russian civilians have fled the country in fear of crackdown that disagreement to war might bring upon them.  Many have been arrested in several anti-war protests and/or freely expressing solidarity with the Ukrainians during the invasion.

Zelenskyy, who will be speaking to NATO on Thursday, said he ‘is asking the alliance to provide effective and unrestricted support to Ukraine, including any weapons the country needs to fend off the Russian invasion.’

“President Zelenskyy called on people worldwide to gather in public to show support for his country as he prepared to address U.S. President Biden and other NATO leaders meeting in Brussels on the one-month anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” AP news Tweeted.