Glover Teixeira wins another match as he beats Anthony Smith to the ground. Glover seems to be in the form as he wins his 4th consecutive fight, this time against the young Smith. This game was pretty one-sided as the fight stopped in round 5 after which Anthony could not take the beating.

The fight that happened in the Fight Night of UFC in Florida, was not so thrilling for Anthony’s fans. Teixeira believes that to win the fight, the important thing is not how hard can you hit your opponent but the thing is how much beating you can take.

In the first 2 rounds, Teixeira did face some trouble as he was not as fast as Smith so that was a disadvantage to him. But after the second round, it all went south for Smith.

Teixeira was unstoppable from the third round and threw some heavy punches at Smith. After some time, Smith was bleeding from everywhere as his teeth fell out and blood was coming out of his ear.

Smith, on the other hand, was called a lion heart for being able to keep fighting and coming back. On the 5th round, the referee finished the fight as Smith could no longer take it as Teixeira delivered clean punches on the face.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist, Teixeira was impressed by the way Smith fought and said that he was thinking that Smith would get tired and slow down but the punches kept coming. But as he had practiced a lot, he did not have much trouble.

Glover has been working hard for the past 2 years as he told the media that he built his body, followed a strict diet, and practiced tons to reach this point.

He is confident and knows that you have to make certain changes to achieve excellence.

Smith has come back after a break of 10 months. He had a surgery on his hand and fought with an intruder back in April, which he claims to be the toughest fight ever.

A lot of people criticized that the fight should have ended sooner as they claim that Smith was already exhausted in the 2nd round and was pushed to fight despite being in a miserable condition.