Tyrese Gibson was summoned by the judge to pay his ex-Samantha Lee Gibson $10,000 a month for child support. The judge was seen scolding the actor at a recent hearing.

“Put that money where it belongs – in the child.”

Things got messy at the court hearing when the judge got furious over Tyrese Gibson as he appeared in court regarding his divorce from Samantha Lee Gibson.

The fast & furious star went to court to finalize the parenting method with his ex-wife. The couple shares a daughter, Soraya who is 3-year-old.

Tyrese was seen being scolded by the judge after making a nasty comment to the lawyer representing Samantha Lee Gibson.

“I don’t do the CFO thing. Here’s a question to you, smart person…” Tyrese shot at the lawyer, prompting the judge to scold him for talking back. The judge then snarled at the 43-year-old, “If you do it again, I’m going to hold you in contempt. You don’t ask questions. That’s not how this works!”

Ultimately, Tyrese Gibson was ordered to pay his ex-wife about $10,000 per month in lieu of child support.

The judge also declared both Tyrese Gibson and Samantha Lee Gibson “legally single” in the same hearing.

“You’re going to see the dividends it pays in your child,” the judge continued. “Put that money where it belongs—in the child.”

The final hearing comes two years after Samantha Lee Gibson first filed for a divorce from her then-husband Tyrese. According to the details, she submitted a file in court for divorce back in September of 2020.

The star couple had confirmed their breakup by releasing a joint statement claiming that the breakup was “a painful and significant development in our lives.”

“Our intention is to remain the best of friends & strong co-parents. We feel incredibly blessed to have found each other and deeply grateful for the 4 years we have been married to each other. Our journey together has been a ride of both ups & downs, but it’s a journey that neither of us would have chosen to take with anyone else.”

The attorneys representing Samantha Lee Gibson and Tyrese Gibson could not be reached to comment on the latest development in the courtroom.