Two octogenarian women infected with coronavirus could not make it and lost their life after fighting a hard battle against the virus. Both the women passed away on Sunday morning. Five people have died in Vietnam due to COVID-19.

Patient 524 was an 86 year old woman. She was from Quang Nam, a province located in the central region of Vietnam. The woman was first admitted to Da Nang Dermatological Hospital. She remained there from July 11 to July 16. Later on, the woman was taken to Da Nang Hospital. She got admitted there on the 16th of July.

Two days later, the woman was shifted to another hospital. The hospital was called Binh An General Hospital. The old and fragile woman was once again admitted to another hospital named Quang Nam Regional Hospital. Her body was already weakened and old.

On July 31, the woman was confirmed positive for coronavirus as she got shifted to a new hospital. The woman went into a coma on Saturday and breathed her last on Sunday.

The woman died due to multiple organ failure, respiratory failure, and septic shock. According to her son, she was also a heart patient and already had kidney failure.

Another 83-year-old woman passed away on the same day. Patient 475 had been bedridden for six years. The woman also had stomach surgery. She got a stomach ache on July 12 and also had a fever five days later.

The woman tested corona positive on July 30. She was sent into quarantine. Due to her old age and several other medical problems, she fell into a coma on Sunday and lost her life on the same day.

The other three deaths from coronavirus included two men and a woman. All three of them already had underlying medical conditions. These included diabetes, kidney failure, and leukemia. The health ministry reported that sixteen other elderly people have been affected by COVID-19. All the affected elders already have underlying medical conditions.

A total of 590 cases have been reported in Vietnam so far, with only 212 cases active.