Two duplex buildings situated in Carmichael near Douvan Court caught fire and were completely burnt and ruined on the night of Tuesday.

The reason for the fire as identified by the fire rangers was the gas leak in the two duplex buildings; however, no explosion was documented.

At the moment when fire rose, four units were present there.

According to Metro Fire, no fatalities were documented, and also the reason for the fire is still ambiguous.

Metro Fire reported more than 50 people, including four trucks, 8 engines, five chief officers, two ambulances, and many other people were present at the location to extinguish the fire to stop it from being more disastrous.

However, this tells us about the severity of the fire as it took a lot of manpower to get a hold of it.

The buildings were completely rotted due to the fire, barely leaving the structure intact. Some of the cars parked in the near locality were also burned and some were damaged as well.

The fire crew was able to reach the scene, but by the time it reached, the damage was extensive.

The Metro Fire of Sacramento also tweeted about the incident as well as shared footage of the fire units, aligning their strategies and tactics with incident priorities.

Seven families were residing in the two buildings and now must lookout for a new place to live since their homes have been burnt to ashes.

Two of the fire alarms in the building rang around 10 at the night, on Douvan Court as stated by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.