Tucker Carlson, a political commentator who is hosting a show on Fox News, breaks all the viewership records.

As of now, Fox News is hosting four of the five highest-ranking shows, says Forbes.

With Carlson’s show on number one, the second show following its lead with 5 million viewers is Sean Hannity’s show, then “The Five” show followed by Laura Ingraham’s show. All of these shows are aired on Fox News.

MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show”, is the only show that made it to the top 5 that is not a Fox News production.

Fox News very proudly declared that Carlson’s show has broken all the previous records for having maximum viewership.

They boasted that Carlson’s show is the first primetime show to have an overall audience of 5.359 million viewers. Both Carlson and Hannity show have been having greater than 4 million viewers in the last nine months.

This accomplishment of Fox News was acknowledged by all the news channels.

Fox News was the only channel that had more than millions of viewers, followed by CNN.

Another show on Fox News, “The Ingraham Angle” previously made history with maximum numbers of views. She is regarded as the most heard women regarding political matters.

Overall, there was a 66% increase in the viewers of Carlson’s show since last year.

While Hannity has 37% audience and Laura Ingraham has 42% of the total viewers.

Fox News also remained at the top during coverage of the presidential debate sessions.

Even the early morning shows on the news channel can garner more viewers than CNN and MSNBC. They have approximately 1.7 million viewers.

‘’Fox & Friends First” is the morning show on Fox News that has beaten the morning shows on other channels.